Banmi Shofu Ryu of Ikebana 

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The Mission & Vision of Banmi Shofu Ryu

The mission of Banmi Shofu Ryu is to support, develop & promote the recognition of the school & friendships across the globe, aligned with 16th century traditions & evolving with contemporary times.

The vision handed down by Bessie Banmi Fooks, & shared by Ric Bansho Carrasco sees Banmi Shofu Ryu as an ikebana school with a distinct kado (way of the flowers) that is practiced, taught, & exhibited to promote competence, tranquility, enlightenment & friendships through flowers & driftwood, which is recognized across the globe, always guided by kaden from the founding Samurai.

Moon, driftwood & happiness kanji graphic by Kevin Banes; Kaze Odori photograph by Lani Liberatore; Banmi Shofu Ryu mon (crest) design created by old manuscript instructions given from Bansho to Monique Noujaim, later refined by Jesus Bantake Minguez. 

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